We have mastered on-site maintenance.


Experience – we have plenty of it

Specialised knowledge and high quality with more than 30 years of experience.


We take pride in customer satisfaction

IS-Technics has satisfied and long-term customers around the world.



Top know-how and expertise are requirements in the maintenance work we do. The methods, machines and equipment we use have been designed for special purposes.


On-site machining and coating, design and manufacturing of machinery, turnkey deliveries, maintenance deliveries and a CHP power plant.


We have satisfied and long-term customers around the world. We serve several industries.

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Together we can design the best maintenance solutions for your needs.

We are known as a skilled professional and one of the leading companies in this special field.


Special expertise in on-site machining and coating

We carry out assignments efficiently and accurately around the world.

Customers feel safe since they can trust the quality and professional expertise. IS-Technics has first-rate equipment, experience and strong expertise. When we indicate a need for repair, they handle the work independently and flexibly.

Jarmo Ivaska, Helen, Helsingin Energia