Heavy-duty machining

We can perform even the most demanding machining tasks on-site.

On-site machining

We are capable of carrying out highly demanding machining tasks on-site at customer locations. The ‘third generation’ on-site equipment and methods we have developed are the perfect solution to even the most difficult of maintenance tasks.


Examples of on-site machining at power plants:

  • Machining work in conjunction with modifications and annual maintenance at power plants
  • Adjustment tooling of the inner casings of turbines to the outer casings
  • Turning, reaming and grinding of rotor and turbine bearings
  • Repair and grooving of distribution planes
  • Drilling and honing of coupling holes
  • Repair and grinding of valves (e.g. bodies of quick-closing valves)
  • Straightening machining of flanges
  • Maintenance of heat exchangers
  • Milling of machine and pump beds

Examples of other machining work:

  • Repair turning of the axle stubs of conveyors, for example, and keyway milling
  • Drilling of machine frames, threading, and machining of machine beds and planes
  • Turning and grinding of rollers and cylinders
  • Straightening of flanges in piping, cranes, etc.

Our maintenance methods that improve steam efficiency significantly reduce power plant emissions. Inquire about our solutions for the maintenance needs of gas, steam and water power plants!

Together we can design the best maintenance solutions for your needs.

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