IS-Technics Ltd.

IS-Technics is a long-term professional in industrial maintenance. We are known as a skilled professional and one of the leading companies in this special field. We carry out assignments efficiently and accurately around the world.

Demanding machining is one of our specialty areas. We perform maintenance work flexible on customer premises. Minimising production outages saves time and money. We can supply the whole maintenance project or partial solutions, or act as a subcontractor.

On-site maintenance is part of a production facility’s preventive maintenance. Our services ensure a high utilisation rate, production capacity and longer life span for production equipment.

Our professional and highly skilled personnel is used to challenging work. We can handle the most extensive projects. If needed, we can obtain more resources through our network of partners.

Our facility is located in Ylöjärvi in the region of Pirkanmaa, but we operate around the globe.

Our services:

On-site machining

On-site coating

Design and production of machines and equipment